2018.2.1 Service Update

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce our 2018.2.1 Service Update, which contains the following:

Team Deletion Permissions Correction

Manager users with Create & Modify permission will now be able to delete teams.

Report Terminology Change

We have made changes to the Special User Report in order to clarify the content. The Storage Used column (the amount of storage used when backup is complete) has been renamed Backup Size, and the Files Stored column (the amount of storage required to store currently backed up files) has been renamed Storage Used. For more information, please refer to Reports.

Delete Backup Profile

Manager users can no longer delete a backup profile that is associated with one or more devices. For more information, refer to Backup Profiles.

UI/UX Improvements

We're pleased to include several user interface improvements and a series of enhancements to the service to provide improved stability and performance.