Remote Installation

File Protection Desktop or Server can be silently installed on a machine via an Endpoint Management tool such as Datto RMM, Active Directory Group Policy Software Installations (AD GPO), Microsoft Intune, Microsoft System Center, or a similar tool.

NOTE  File Protection Server for Mac does not support silent installation, but File Protection Server for Windows does.

The installers can be downloaded from Manager. Refer to the Copy File Protection Desktop or Protection Server download links section in the Deployments topic.

Various installer commands can be used. You can even include a team key to make the installation entirely transparent to the end user - they’ll simply see the icon appear in their taskbar/menu bar.

NOTE  If you install remotely with a team key, you must log out of the user profile and log back in or restart the machine. If you do not, the user will be prompted for a team key when they launch the application.

If File Protection Desktop/Server is remotely installed without entering a team key, the user will simply launch the application and enter a valid team key.