2019.1 Service Update

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce our 2019.1 Service Update, which contains the following:

Important Note - Disabled Device License Consumption

Disabled devices will now consume a license. The license will be freed when a device is recycled. In order to ensure a smooth transition to this model, we've extended the period of time for which a device stays in a recycled state before it is wiped from 14 days to 90 days. If you perform a restore at any point during that 90-day period, the clock starts again. This will provide you with ample time to retrieve any data stored on a recycled device.


Team Alert Notification Enhancement

Our Manager Notifications page allows you to specify which Manager users will receive team alert notifications. All team alert emails will be sent to these users, in addition to the administrators on the team that generated the alert.

Our new interface makes it easy to pick recipients from among Manager users, so recipients don't have to confirm their email address before they can receive team alert emails, and our new color coding system lets you know which recipients are users. Additionally, this centralized management model is much easier to maintain. If, for example, an existing notification recipient were to leave your company, you can simply remove their account rather than having to remove their email address from the multiple teams where they were set as a notification recipient.

You can, as always, directly enter email addresses or add the support email address specified on the Support Settings page. Any existing notification email addresses that Workplace can map to Manager users will be converted to user recipients (in blue) in this interface.

NOTE  You can override default recipients on a per-team basis on the Edit Team page.

Self-Request Access Links

Users can request a link to access their backups from any web browser, without the need for interaction from an administrator.

NOTE  This feature is turned off by default and can be enabled on the Security Policies page.

Instructions concerning how to use this feature can be found in the Help! My device is inaccessible or broken and I need some backed up files! What do I do? FAQ.

Consolidated and Consistent Information Panels

We've standardized the behavior of expanding panels above grid interfaces. A single click on the button will now expand or collapse additional information on the Devices, Servers, and Users pages.

Issue Resolutions

In addition to a variety of minor enhancements and stability improvements, the following issues are resolved in this release:

Editing Team Subscription Issue

Editing license or additional storage for a team would fail for teams that have legacy storage allocated, as the legacy storage was not included in calculating the validity of the changes. This has been resolved.

General Performance Issue

An issue limited to very large restore operations has been resolved.

Storage for Unlimited Users

In some cases, storage for unlimited users was capped at 1GB. The issue has been corrected.