2017.2.1 Service Update

Release Notes

We're pleased to introduce the following updates and new features in the 2017.2.1 Service Update:

Schedule Reports

If there are Manager reports that you run on a regular basis, you'll be able to save your criteria and schedule your saved reports to run with whatever frequency you choose.

Scheduled reports are generated automatically and delivered via email. Manager will remember to run your reports even when you don't!

For more information, please refer to File Protection Manager Reports

Save and Schedule Device Reports

On the Manager ยป Devices page, you can use all the list customization features you've always had (filters, column chooser, column reorder, column sort order), and then save the view. Then you can quickly access your customized views. You can even schedule these filtered views as reports and schedule them for automatic email delivery.

For more information, please refer to Devices.